Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive limited time sale on Apogee’s Clearmountain range of audio effect plugins, offering discounts of up to 46% off as part of its “Time Effects” promotion.

The promotion includes the following products:

  • Clearmountain’s Domain ($199 USD): Reproduces Bob Clearmountain’s personalized FX signal chain for creating the cohesive spaces, expansive dimensions, and rich atmospheres where his mixes live.
  • Clearmountain’s Phases ($79 USD): Brings you the sounds of classic flanger and phaser processors used in mixing engineer Bob Clearmountain’s studio, meticulously modeling his rare, vintage flanger and phaser rack modules from the mid-seventies.
  • Clearmountain’s Spaces ($29 USD): With the very same echo chamber profiles and processing he’s used on countless hit records, Clearmountain’s Spaces lets you envelope your tracks in unique and cohesive atmospheres that set your mixes apart.

The offer expires January 22nd, 2024.

More information: Apogee