AraldFX DKS Pro v1.0f

AraldFX has released version 1.0f of DKS Pro, a powerful drum synth VST instrument which combines drum synthesis, simple FM synthesis, physical modeling of the drum shell, and a powerful set of effects.

Changes in DKS Pro v1.0f

  • Corrected an envelope bug which caused random clicks at the end of the sounds when a distortion with a high boost was applied.
  • The frequencies of the oscillators and noise cutoff are now shown also as MIDI notes with cents shift.
  • Added a hold stage to the envelopes.
  • Added a mid-point control to the envelope’s attack stage.
  • Added a mid-point control to the release attack stage.
  • Added a MIDI gate mode (within the choke/mute groups selector), so you can control the length of the sound with the MIDI note.

Note: it is possible to add more punch or “fatness” to any of the existing sounds by using the new envelope features. To add more punch you should lower the midpoint of the release stage and increase the hold time, if necessary. To make a drums sound “fatter” you can try increasing the mid point of the envelope. The original DKS PRO midpoint was set to -30dB.

DKS Pro is available for Windows and Mac for $135 USD. A demo is available for download (produces some background noise and noise bursts from time to time).

Visit AraldFX for more information.