Organic Loops has launched its new sample pack Arcane Percussion, a deep and ritualistic collection of mystical percussion sounds.

The pack is designed to bring a spiritual and transcendent feel to your compositions, whether they are based in cinematic, downtempo, world or contemporary electronica.

Arcane Percussion is packed with well over 1 GB of content, with an incredibly versatile collection of instruments and playing styles within. Colour your rhythm section with a range of traditional African & Indian instruments such as congas, djembes, talking drums, berimbau, bongos, tablas, kanjiras and many more, all played and recorded with top-tier professional techniques to ensure you’ve got the sounds you need.

Bring some vibrant tonal drum work to your works with some of the included space drum sounds, which have a beautiful and soothing sound that has been captured perfectly to shine through your mixdowns. The loops inside Arcane Percussion roll out between 80-185bpm, making them perfect for your world, chill, trip-hop, soundtrack and cinematic productions.

Arcane Percussion features

  • 124 Conga Loops.
  • 61 Djembe Loops.
  • 61 Space Drum Loops.
  • 60 Berimbau Loops.
  • 59 Fx Percussion Loops.
  • 56 Talking Drum Loops.
  • 52 Bongo Loops.
  • 35 Tabla Loops.
  • 25 Kanjara Loops.
  • 163 Percussion Hits.
  • 14 Space Drum Hits.
  • 18 Soft Sampler Patches.
  • 10 Kong.

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters for £34.95 GBP.

More information: Organic Loops