Arie Aradaz AradazMaximizer v5.0

Arie Aradaz has released updated versions of AradazMaximizer and AradazAmp, two freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

AradazMaximizer is a loudness maximizer effect, while AradazAmp is a virtual guitar amp.

AradazMaximizer v5.0 features

  • 3 parameters (Input Control, Maximize, Output).
  • 44100 – 192000 Hz sample rate.
  • 64 bit internal processing.
  • low CPU usage.

AradazAmp v1.2 now features reduced CPU usage, 64 bit internal processing, and a redesign of the coding structure (internal).

Visit Arie Aradaz for more information and links to download AradazMaximizer and AradazAmp.