AriesCode AriesVerb v0.7.2

AriesCode has released version 0.7.2 of AriesVerb, a feedback delay network processor plug-in for Windows.

Christian writes:

There is a new Algorithm Page replacing the old Geometry Page. This new page has the buttons for the new features in 0.7.2 and sports a schematic display of the algorithm.

The new option “filters before output” allows to move all filters to a location before the output is taken. This helps shaping the envelope of the reverb tail, and also puts the non-linear saturation into the direct path between input and output (as it was in AriesVerb 0.4). Several new “Tube Amp” like presets draw on this feature. Speaking of which, there is a selection of three different pre-emphasis filters for the saturation!

The delay line taps can now be routed directly to the output, in adjustable amounts for each segment. This helps shaping the early response of reverb programs.

Changes in AriesVerb v0.7.2

  • Added Algorithm Page to the UI, replacing the Geometry Page.
  • Added new features “filters before output” and “tap outputs”.
  • Added emphasis filters for the nonlinear saturation.
  • Added 23 new presets (total 167).
  • Changed lfo spread to degrees with extended range.
  • Fixed UI control for angles.
  • Fixed filename dependency, AriesVerb.dll can now be renamed.
  • Fixed front panel texture.

AriesVerb is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for 129 EUR. A fully functional demo version is available for download (no recalling of settings).

More information: AriesCode