ArtVera Golden HARMONY

ArtVera Music has released Golden HARMONY, a collection of carefully recorded and looped sounds/samples, dedicated especially for users of Golden ASET – it contains 410 presets for it. (However its samples can be used also for other VST instruments which support SF2 format)

Golden HARMONY features

  • More than 400 presets, many taking advantage of modulation features of Golden ASET
  • 137 Megabytes of samples
  • 170 internal programs/waveforms in 6 SF2 banks
  • SF2 files are 16-25MB in size for optimal use of your computer memory
  • SF2 files can be used in any VSTi which supports SF2 format
  • Very interesting sounds which can be used for different music styles
  • All of the sounds and presets are categorized for easy browsing
  • Fully compatible only with Golden ASET version 2.5. Users of Golden ASET 2.0+ can receive this version for free

Golden HARMONY can now be ordered for $30 (download).

Visit ArtVera Music for more information and audio demos.