ASL SoundLab has launched Neurovision Vol. 3, a soundset for the Harmor synthesizer instrument by Image-Line.

Tweaking and automating are the order of the day. Each sound has parameters assigned to the X, Y and Z controls which give you the user ultimate control over the sound.

Neurovision Vol. 3 features

  • 100 sounds for Image-Line Harmor.
  • Includes 16 Enveloped Bass, 4 Leads, 27 Manual Bass (all modulation is dependent on the X, Y & Z controls ), 7 Manual FX, 8 Manual Stabs & Plucks, 29 Modulated, 9 Pads & Atmospherics.
  • Each sound has parameters assigned to the X-Y and Z controls which allows for control over the sounds.

The soundset is available to purchase for £25.99 GBP.

More information: ASL SoundLab