Musical Sampling has announced the release of a new Atelier Series instrument library for Kontakt, featuring the vocals of singer and music educator from Dothan, AL, Amy Griffin.

Atelier Series Amy is a legato vocal library intended for emotional and cinematic contexts. It includes Ahh and Mmm legato patches, and Everlasting, a collection of beautiful, vowel-evolving sustains processed with a variety of hardware pedals.

For this we wanted a tone that was somewhere between classical and pop. As luck would have it, our co-producer knew someone who not only fit the brief but also had the kind of vocal stamina this project required. Enter Amy Griffin; a talented vocalist and music educator.

We’ve included two extensively-recorded legato patches performed “long-style”. This means there are no programmed crossfades into a target sustain after playback of the legato interval. This involves far more recording time (12 hours in this case) than traditional legato sampling but ensures a seamless performance that also retains Amy’s natural progression in vibrato; musically-unique for every interval across the range.

Atelier Series Amy features

  • Produced for emotional and cinematic contexts.
  • Natural, progressive vibrato.
  • Non-looped performances.
  • Legato transitions < sustains recorded “long-style”.
  • Includes beautiful evolving sustains keyswitch patch.
  • Adjustable reverb of custom hall impulse
  • Requires full retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher.

The library is on sale at Musical Sampling for the intro price of $29 USD until March 1st (regular $49 USD).