CNTRL Samples

Attack Magazine has released a free sample pack featuring samples by CNTRL Samples.

From electro to progressive, tech-house to trance, CNTRL Samples deal exclusively in the sort of steroid-injected sounds that instantly add some much-needed muscle to a track, making them a go-to label for anyone seeking to do some serious damage. And that’s hardly surprising once you consider the talent on production duties: CNTRL have already enlisted the skills of Beatport chart regulars Incognet and Angel Stoxx within their rapidly growing catalogue.

In this exclusive 84MB sampler, CNTRL cherry-pick some of their biggest and boldest sounds from their most recent releases, cramming in club-ready beats, blistering basslines, stacked synth hooks and huge FX.

The sample pack is available to registered Attack Magazine users (registration free).

More information: Attack Magazine