Audio Plugin Deals has launched a limited time sale on the LENS plugin by Auburn Sounds, offering over 50% off on the spectral dynamics processor with unbelievable punch and clarity for the next two weeks.

LENS balances your mix, removes resonances, saves damaged tracks and push loudness, all at once without your CPU bursting into flames.

This is must-have tool you need in your arsenal and only available for a limited time, don’t miss out!

LENS features

  • Complete control of your spectral dynamics.
  • 6 different Lens selectivity.
  • Multiband compressor for glue, remove resonances, balance.
  • Multiband expander/gate for whole-mix cleaup, track rescue.
  • Sidechain EQ and width control.
  • Output EQ.
  • Parallel compression (cleaner than upwards compression) and parallel expansion.
  • Sidechain Listen.

LENS for Windows, macOS and Linux (VST/AU/AAX/LV2) is on sale for only $49.35 USD until October 23rd, 2022 (regular $105 USD). A purchase comes with $24.60 USD in rewards for use in the APD Shop, and a free bonus sample pack ($20 USD value).

More information: Audio Plugin Deals