Audio Plugin Deals has launched a two-week sale on the Master Solo Woodwinds Bundle by Auddict, offering over 80% off on the Kontakt library of woodwind instruments.

Weighing in at a massive 46.2GB, this bundle contains meticulously sampled solo flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet and bassoon sampled Kontakt instruments (will work in Kontakt 4 and all higher versions – but not the free Kontakt “player”).

These instruments will take anything you throw at them – with a legato mode that can adapt to slow and extremely fast playing in a single phrase with no extra effort/keyswitching on your part, simply open and play!

Master Solo Woodwinds Bundle features

  • 46.2GB of astounding quality content.
  • Over 70,000+ WAV files/samples in this instrument alone.
  • Multiple legato modes at varying dynamics.
  • Staccatos and shorter Staccatissimos to craft realistic short note passages.
  • Intuitive trills function allowing easy playing of any trills/tremolos up to a perfect 5th in width (seven chromatic notes – C to G for example).
  • Ability to control level of mechanical noises of the woodwind instruments, which also follows your performance.
  • Flutter tonguing, Triple tonguing and much more…

The sample library is on sale for $89 USD until March 6th, 2023 (regular value $550 USD).

More information: Audio Plugin Deals