Audentity Records has announced another collection of loops and one shots inspired by the current mainstream vocal sounds dominating the radio, streams, festivals and charts.

Featuring 5 full acapellas, the royalty free Lush Vocal Hooks 2 pack brings a mixture of Pop, RnB, EDM and Reggaeton genres.

Making a sequel to an already successful series is no easy task, but we think the producer team behind Lush Vocal Hooks 2 did a fantastic job. They worked together with the same fantastic vocalist as in the previous pack and it really shows of; the pack contains only useful and amazing ingredients, 100% orientated on vocals.

Lush Vocal Hook 2 has 5 acapellas with an amazing amount of detailed vocal leads, doubles, vocoders, adlibs, vocal shots, tones & atmospheres and fx. The content has been laid out in a very easy to understand structure: acapella folders, subdivided in chorus, verse, prechorus, vocal leads, harmonies, doubles, vocoders and also dry and wet. Besides that the pack has a collection of vocal chops, vocal atmospheres, fx (transitions, whispers), adlibs and more.

Lush Vocal Hooks 2 features

  • 5 full acapellas.
  • 10 vocal one shots (dry & wet).
  • 13 vocal tones.
  • 61 vocal acapella loops (chorus, verse, prechorus, wet, dry) vocal leads, vocal harmonies, vocal doubles, vocoders.
  • 5 atmos vocals.
  • 14 adlibs (wet & dry).
  • 16 vocal chops (wet, dry).
  • 8 vocal fx.

The sample pack is priced 19.95 EUR at the Audentity Records store.