Embody and Audeze have partnered to bring Audeze Reveal+, the world’s first artificial intelligence-driven plugin that transports you inside multi-million dollar studios used by award-winning engineers.

Reveal+ is a personalized virtual studio plugin for headphones. A typical virtual studio plugin includes room recordings using regular microphones, or with the ears of a generic dummy head. Unfortunately, what you hear is not personalized to your unique hearing, leading to unwanted tonal coloration and artifacts in your mix.

Reveal+ provides the critical missing piece, which is YOU. In Reveal+, with the help of a powerful AI engine called Aural Map, the precise response of the studio is personalized to the way you hear. You are virtually transported into a world-class studio, together with your ears.

The power of Aural Map is its ability to create a personalized audio profile from just a single image of your right ear. It creates a mathematical model of how you hear sound in the real world, based on your anatomy. With your personalized HRTF, Reveal+ gives the experience of truly being inside an excellent sounding, acoustically treated room. As a result, it sounds like YOU are in the studio. And, your mix finally gets all the benefits of the studio’s acoustics, speakers, and layout when in reality, you might be mixing in your bedroom on a pair of Audeze LCD-1 headphones.

Reveal+ features precise acoustical models from studios of Grammy-winning engineers and producers, including Carlos de la Garza and Warren Huart, with many more to come.

Reveal+ is available for $199 USD. The LCD-1 headphone retails at $399 USD.

Until January 20th, Audeze is offering a NAMM 2020 discount, offering Reveal+ for $159 USD with discount code RVLNAMM2020 at the checkout. The LCD-1 & Reveal+ bundle is $449 USD with discount code BNDLNAMM2020 (add both products to your checkout cart).

Audeze is offering personalized demos at NAMM, booth #14631.

More information: Audeze