Audiaire has released Koda, a versatile sequencer device for Ableton Live.

Built exclusively for Ableton 10, Koda is a versatile Max device allowing any Drum or Instrument Rack’s macros to be creatively controlled on a multi-functional sequencer. Take full control of Drum and Instrument Racks like never before. Write patterns and automate sequences with unparalleled flexibility.

Program polyrhythms, randomise parameters, twist and bend sequences – fully configurable to any Ableton Rack.

Koda features

  • Max for Live Device with one-click installation.
  • Control multiple parameters at a range of rates.
  • Run any parameter at a unique number of steps.
  • Limitless customisation with user Rack control.
  • Fade, slew, randomise data with one click.
  • Includes an extensively multi-sampled 808 kit.

Koda is on sale for the intro price of £25 GBP / $32 USD until January 22nd, 2020.

More information: Audiaire