Audio Brewers has announced the release of an aesthetic digital reverb with a simple design. The ab Doverb plugin sports few controls, a minimalistic interface, delivering immediate results to quickly create immersive spaces.

Audio Brewers designed ab Doverb with ‘aesthetics’ above of ‘realism’ in mind – meaning that, unlike their current reverb ‘ab Reverb’, where reflections try to be directional and spread through your space in a realistic manner, ab Doverb’s reflections are aimed to fill the acoustic space in a pleasant way.

ab Doverb is aimed towards Musicians or Sound Designers who might be looking to give an aesthetic fill to their work.

ab Doverb is compatible with Mono, Stereo, and Ambisonics sources (1OA, 2OA, 3OA) and will output Stereo and Ambisonics signals that can later be decoded to any speaker array possible. From Binaural, to Surround and even 7.1.2 that can be later routed to your Dolby Atmos bed.

ab Doverb for Windows and Mac (VST3, AU and AAX) is priced 59 EUR. The plugin is offered for free with any purchase of 48 EUR or more at Audio Brewers until December 28th, 2022.

More information: Audio Brewers