Audio Brewers has announced the release of a new Kontakt instrument library built from the shell of a missile and sampled in stereo and ambisonics for Dolby Atmos and other Immersive formats.

Peace is an artistic statement against armed conflicts and the current state of the world.

Artist and Luthier Stamatis Stringaris, Founder of DustBowl Cinematic, created a one-of-a-kind bowed instrument using the shell of a missile and extended its sonic range with an extra resonator inside a military helmet above the musician.

We partnered with DustBowl Cinematic to sample this instrument and bring it to life with the utmost detail to honour its unique colours and resonance.

Peace was developed in several stages, from the design and craft process of the instrument itself, to finding its best sonic spots, to sampling and mixing using our immersive techniques.

Peace features

  • Custom-made Bowed Instrument, built from an empty missile shell.
  • 35 Articulations (+9 with Legato, +10 Sound Design +100+ SFX).
  • Adaptive Polyphonic Legato.
  • Immersive Perspectives: Mix, Body, Helmet, Audience.
  • Stereo Perspectives: Mix, Body, Helmet, Binaural.
  • Recorded, Mixed, and Delivered in Ambisonics and Stereo.
  • Pristine 24bit / 48kHz resolution.
  • Natively compatible with Stereo, Surround, Atmos, Binaural, VR, and any speaker array configuration.

Available for the full version of Kontakt 6.2.1 or higher, Peace is on sale for the intro price of 69 EUR for a limited time (regular 119 EUR).

More information: Audio Brewers