Audio Damage has given its website an overhaul and made its entire catalog of legacy plugins free for everyone to download.

As you can plainly see, we have given the Audio Damage website a much-needed overhaul. Due to being a very small company with a relatively high product cadence, the things we find unpleasant (updating the website to name one example) tend to languish a bit when we are pursuing a far more entertaining goal like making a new product. Apologies for that! But be that as it may, here we are with a new look to our website, and some fairly significant changes.

Besides the new look of the website, you can now download all 33 legacy plugins free of charge, including the ADverb vintage reverb, Kombinat Dva multi-band distortion, Replicant buffer effect, Discord 3 pitch shifter, Tattoo drum machine, and many more.

The plugins are available for Windows and Mac in VST and (mostly) AU formats. Note that Audio Damage does not give support for any of these plugins. Check the Audio Damage blog for more details.

More information: Audio Damage