Audio Imperia has launched two Kontakt Player-powered instrument libraries in collaboration with Performance Samples.

Fluid Brass features cinematic brass shorts. The library brings together the repetition sampling concepts of the Fluid Shorts line by Performance Samples in a dedicated tool that is built into Audio Imperia’s powerful Pyramid engine for fluent and rapid repeated patterns on brass.

With 2 players per section (except for 1 Tuba player), the library can be used for both lead lines and chordal work, and its expanded range of 6 dynamics, 6 repetition speeds, and up to 10 round robins (triggered via simply playing faster) closes the technical gaps to create a seamless performance.

All samples within Fluid Brass are sourced from real repetition performances, for enhancing the cohesive energy of your lines. We’ve also recorded the samples at different speeds (six in total), with the faster speeds automatically triggered based on your playing speed, to accommodate faster phrases – leading to more fluent and realistic performances because you are triggering samples that are actually pulled from faster performances.

Similarly, Fluid Woods brings fast repetition-sourced shorts sampling in a decidedly easy-to-use interface.

The instrument configuration is traditional: solo flute, solo oboe, solo clarinet, solo bassoon, and solo piccolo – recorded in tutti in the same room as Fluid Brass. The library highlights up to 8 dynamics and 6 rep speeds, going above and beyond even Fluid Brass in terms of expression.

Fluid Brass and Fluid Woods are priced $99 USD each. Fluid Woods is on sale at the intro price of $79 USD through July 25th, 2022.

Furthermore, Audio Imperia has also launched HEX Choir – Tension & Horror Choir, the first in the “Flourish” series of limited edition cinematic Kontakt libraries.

Sometimes our most memorable musical moments can occur in the most unusual and unexpected ways. The smallest of inspirations can turn a soundtrack into a sensation. With Flourish, our aim is to capture this emotion and deliver creative tools that focus on the finer details. Each Flourish product is designed to add something unique to your sound palette and made available to all of you who desire individuality and fresh ideas.

HEX Choir for the full version of Kontakt 6.7 or higher features the tonal and atonal sounds of custom vocal sessions of 5 soprano singers, captured during the recording of the music for the gameplay trailer of Diablo IV. Priced $39 USD, the library is available until August 1st, 2022.

More information: Audio Imperia