Audio Imperia has launched Decimator Drums, the first Blockbuster Percussion series Kontakt instrument library by Martin Hasseldam.

Audio Imperia Decimator Drums

Decimator Drums was designed to redefine the sound of ensemble drum kits in modern trailer scores. In more recent years, traditional drum kits began to enter the world of film music in form of ensembles. We wanted to make a version of these types of drums with lots punch and dynamic headroom, designed in particular for the fast, and more action oriented tracks in modern trailer music (though they will work well with any type of cinematic music as well of course).

All of the drums were recorded with a single matched pair of AKG C414 XLII in mid/side configuration in a closed studio environment. All of the loops and the MASSIVE “Extra” section were created by our very own Bryan Leach, using only the original Decimator Drums source material.

Decimator Drums features

  • High definition audio quality.
  • 2.19 GB installed.
  • Raw and Epic multisample patches with 6 Round Robin and 10 Velocity Layers.
  • Ensemble Drums (Raw and Epic, both with 10 Velocity Layers, 6 Round Robin).
  • Designed Kits (20 Designed Kits).
  • Loops (26 Loops and the individual stems).
  • Extra (109 Atonal FX, 39 Tonal FX, 10 Risers, 6 Arps).
  • Custom Sound Effects and Sound Design using nothing but the original source material from the recording sessions.
  • Custom Kontakt Engine with signature master control knob.

Decimator Drums is available for $159 USD.

More information: Audio Imperia

Audio Imperia Decimator Drums step mod

Audio Imperia Decimator Drums loops

Audio Imperia Decimator Drums effects

Audio Imperia Decimator Drums compressor