Audio Mind Project FM8 Experience

Audio Mind Project has announced the release of the FM8 Experience Soundbank, a collection of patches for the FM8 software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

The Soundbank contains 160 instruments including leads, pads, keys, organs, complex synths and others. Deriving from the creator’s taste and inspirations, the set is supposed to provide sounds that would be versatile and not constrained to a particular genre, be inspiring, playable and usable in real conditions. The aim is to add a valuable content to the player’s palette. Numerous FM8’s capabilities are used to let the player get the expression she wants.

FM8 Experience features

  • 160 sounds for FM8.
  • approximately 40 basses/leads, 40 pads, 25 keys/organs, 15 strings/woodwinds/brass/reed, 40 various synths.
  • Not constrained to a particular genre.

The FM8 Experience Soundbank is available to purchase for the introductory price of $12.50 USD until 24th December, 2011 (50% off regular).

More information: Audio Mind Project