Audio Mind Project has announced that it is offering ten of its soundsets as a free download.

Included are packs for the LuSH-101 synthesizer by D16 Group, Native Instruments FM8, the TyrellN6 free synth by u-he, and more.

Audio Mind Project

The following soundsets are available:

  • LuSH-101 Ultimate Expansion Vol. 1-3 (500 sounds).
  • FM8 Experience (200 sounds).
  • DCAM: Synth Squad Pure Energy Vol. 1-2 (277 sounds).
  • TAL-U-NO-LX Past and Presence (128 sounds).
  • TAL-BassLine Freakshow (129 sounds).
  • V-Station Virtual Reality (144 sounds).
  • TyrellN6 Moonshine (65 sounds).

These soundsets were previously sold commercially, but are now available free of charge to everyone. Donations are appreciated.

More information: Audio Mind Project