Audio Plugin Deals has announced that there’s only little time left to grab one of its Black Lightening Deals.

All 10 deals are still live until midnight tonight. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to cash in on these huge discounts, hurry and save!

The following deals are available:

  • Sampletekk Essentials Bundle 75% off.
  • Impact Soundworks Orchestral Bundle 83% off.
  • Soundiron 5-in-1 Bundle 86% off.
  • Embertone Intimate Solo Strings Bundle 60% off.
  • Sonuscore Trinity Drums 56% off.
  • Sample Logic Trailer Xpressions 2 60% off.
  • Impact Soundworks Shreddage Bundle 81% off.
  • Kirk Hunter Studios Virtuoso Ensemble 70% off.
  • Audiomodern Sync Bundle 75% off.
  • Gospel Musicians BASSalicious 2 75% off.

The sale ends November 26th, 2018.

More information: Audio Plugin Deals