Audio Simulation DreamStation II

Audio Simulation has released DreamStation II, a virtual software synth workstation for the PC Windows platform.

DreamStation II hosts a wide range of Direct-X, Direct-X Instrument, VST and VST Instrument plugins, drives MIDI compatible external or internal gear and records then plays back audio tracks or samples in 32 bits resolution.

DreamStation II highlights

  • Revolutional sequencer interface mixes the traditional “Piano-Roll” way with the raw “Tracking” method, showing you new aspects of composing electronic music.
  • Audio, Automation (with configurable envelopes) and MIDI tracks with Piano Roll, Tracker and Percussion type patterns can be used to build up a complete song.
  • Versatile internal mixer with virtually unlimited number of channels mixes all of the outputs into a stereo signal, ready to be burned on a CD.
  • Low- and highpass filters, parametric equalizers, built-in step time delay, eight custom insert and 8×8 send effects are available in each channel to use.
  • DreamStation DXi2, the polyphonic analog synth, and five high quality effect plugins (DSFX Chorus, DSFX Flanger, DSFX Phaser, DSFX Reverb and DSFX Distortion) are included.

DreamStation II is available for Windows PC and costs $99 USD.

Note: ASIO is currently not supported, but its implementation is planned for early 2008.

Visit Audio Simulation for more information.