Audio Plugin Deals has launched a two-week promotion on Audiofier’s Pragmabeat instrument for Kontakt, a virtual instrument designed for arranging music in fast, creative, and unpredictable ways.

Pragmabeat includes 4 sequencers to trigger an arsenal of Drums, Percussion and Effects multi-sampled hits, giving you fast, creative and unpredictable ways to arrange your music – all with a single click!

Additionally it sports 4 Lanes to drive tons of Audio Loops, from Acoustic to Designed Drums & Percussion, from Tonal Effects to Monster Earthshaking Impacts.

Pragmabeat features

  • Loops and hits sequences combinations.
  • New rolls & fills generated at a press of a key.
  • 7 user-recallable fills memories.
  • Real time groove complexity/sparsity by mod wheel.
  • Automatic sounds and rhythms generation.
  • 24 scenes with progressive patterns building (from simpler to more complex).
  • Individual layers’ effects for each scene (build a different mix per scene).
  • Fluid mapping system.
  • Scenes chain randomisation (let Pragmabeat choose the scenes sequence and change at a given rate).

Available for Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher (full version), Pragmabeat is priced only $16 USD instead of $65 USD until March 20th, 2023.

More information: Audio Plugin Deals