Audiofront DSP Trigger

AudioFront has updated DSP Trigger, a drum trigger to MIDI plug-in.

DSP Trigger is a VST drum brain that processes the audio output from drum pads and converts it to MIDI to be passed on to a drum sampler. It allows you to enhance an existing e-drum kit, offering new features and functionality that your drum brain doesn’t natively support.

Changes in DSP Trigger v1.3.0.7

  • Added MIDI Output VU meters.
  • Fixed the positional indicator in ‘note’ mode.
  • Fixed issues related to adjusting controls when the GUI isn’t in focus.
  • If the option menu or preset menu is closed by clicking somewhere off the control, the highlighting is now reset properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the input VU meter wouldn’t always update in mono mode.
  • Fixed installer bug regarding automatic setup in Sonar X1 x64.
  • Improved handling of shift modifier when dragging controls.

DSP Trigger for Windows (VST) is available for $39 USD.

More information: AudioFront