Audiolatry has released a free virtual piano instrument plugin featuring the sounds of a sampled Yamaha C5 6’7″ Grand Piano.

The Grand Piano XXL plugin features controls for attack and release, a reverb effect and gain and piano keys release gain. It also includes a tremolo and filter to shape the sound.

The original samples (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license) were recorded by Alexander Holm [axeldenstore (at) gmail (dot) com] with two AKG c414 condenser microphones placed in an AB position at around 12 centimeters above the strings.

All the samples were captured in 48kHz 24bit audio quality with 16 velocity layers which are all present in this virtual plugin, hence the 1.19 GB size on disk. The keys release samples are also added in Grand Piano XXL.

Grand Piano XXL has 16 velocity layers, while the Grand Piano version has only 4 velocity layers but a smaller size (319 MB instead of 1.19 GB).

Both instruments are available as a “name your price” download in VST/VST3 plugin formats for Windows (64-bit), including free.

More information: Audiolatry