Audiolounge has announced the release of a new compressor/limiter plugin for Windows and macOS.

Based in the dbx 163x rack unit, the intuitive Sliderman is an easy-to-use plugin that is designed to keep your creative flow going by giving you just a few controls and a sound that can compete with the “big boys”.

Anyone who ever used a 163x, is immediately hooked, since it’s so easy to use and has such a cool sound. “Sliderman” is inspired from the original hardware – state of the art as originally developed by DBX in 1986. “Sliderman” sounds great on snares, drum rooms, overheads, bass, piano and acoustic guitar. Your imagination is the limit.

If you feel like you wanna add a little extra flavor to the sound, you can engage the “edge” switch, which introduces some light harmonic distortion to the sound. This works especially well, if u need to shave off some of the transients on your snare.

Sliderman features

  • Edge Mode: Pre-saturation slightly tames transients and gives you the edge on loudness perception without smashing the music.
  • On Individual Tracks: Works great on snares, drum rooms, bass, acoustic guitars and piano, and even on vocals.
  • Bus Compressor: The RMS compressor glues it together on the mix or subgroups.
  • Peak Limiter: Integrated peak limiter working indepently from the compressor.
  • Parallel Mode: Subtle parallel compression or NY style.
  • Internal Sidechain: Three high pass sidechain filters preserve the energy of the low end.

Sliderman (VST3, AU and AAX) is on sale at an introductory 30% discount, priced 49 CHF (~$51 USD) for a limited time only. The regular price is 70 CHF.

More information: Audiolounge