Following the Filterstep motion filter from last year, Audiomodern has returned with a new free creative audio plugin.

Gatelab is a creative gate sequencer designed to offer to fastest way to create, edit, and animate your own gate sequencer patterns and bring inspiring movement to your sounds, from pulsing sequences to complex rhythmic chaos.

The gate sequencer and volume modulation generator randomizes a unique combination of parameters to deliver ever-evolving patterns and endless rhythmic effects.

Chop up any audio signal through a number of music-creation and sound-mangling features and generate fresh new ideas on the spot.

It can also send MIDI data, giving it the ability to control or randomize parameters in other plugins.

Gatelab features

  • Generate gate sequences in real-time.
  • Syncs to host tempo.
  • Wet/Dry mix control.
  • MIDI controllable.
  • Infinity mode.
  • Quick load presets.
  • Instant/Tap bypass for live performance.
  • Gate/Flow modes.
  • Disintegration & Grow modes.
  • Customizable sequence range.
  • MIDI output.
  • No two patterns will ever be the same.

Gatelab is free to download for desktop (VST/VST3, AU and AAX) and iOS/AUv3.

More information: Audiomodern