Audionamix has launched a sale on its TRAX 3 SP and TRAX Pro 3 SP non­destructive, automated melodic audio source separation tools for Mac, offering a 33% discount.

Audionamix NAMM special sale

ADX TRAX version 3 now including a Consonants Annotation tool, and support for the new STEMS file format.

Using state of the art audio analysis and separation techniques, this revolutionary software will automatically create separated tracks: a vocal track and a music track. It also provides access to an estimated pitch guide­line of the main melodic content.

Upon completion of the initial separation, the user can utilize a set of standard editing tools to refine and customize the pitch guide­line and separate the original file again to create a more accurate separation.

The TRAX SP software is on sale at Plugin Boutique until February 5th.

More information: Audionamix