AudioSwift has released version 1.3.0 of AudioSwift, a software that allows you to use your trackpad as a control surface and MIDI controller in your DAW.

AudioSwift comes with 4 controller modes: Mixer, Trigger, Scales and XY.

You will be able to move one or two faders at the same time, set the values of the panning, sends, master fader, write automation and use the trackpad as a jog wheel, all by just using simple touches and without the need of moving the mouse pointer, click and drag over each parameter. AudioSwift also let you make beats, play notes in a key and use the trackpad as an XY pad.

Changes in AudioSwift v1.3.0

  • Support for Cubase and Studio One in Mixer Mode.
  • Option to choose a default view in Mixer Mode at launch.
  • The positions of the Console and Trackpad windows are now saved after quitting.
  • New keyboard shortcuts for changing the tonic note in Scale Mode.

AudioSwift is available for macOS 10.11 or newer, priced at $24 USD. Until April 8th, 2018, new customers can get a 30% discount with coupon code GOLDENFROG30 at checkout.

More information: AudioSwift