AudioThing has released an update to its Type A vintage enhancer audio effect plugin that emulates the multi-band compressor of early noise reduction systems for tape recordings.

Type A is a plugin inspired by a famous vintage tape encoder. The original unit was designed to be a noise reduction system for tape recording (encode stage) and playback (decode stage).

Type A emulates the encode stage, which was often misused as an enhancer, dynamically increasing the top end of a signal without introducing artefacts or altering the harmonic content. The results are similar to a dynamic EQ which adds presence and air to any track in a natural way.

Changes in v1.1

  • Added: Online Authorization Form.
  • Improved: Oversampler.
  • Improved: Noise profile.
  • Improved: Support for Retina/HiDPI displays.
  • Improved: Dropdown panel stays open/closed as selected by the user.
  • Fixed: Wavelab/Cubase random rendering bug.
  • Fixed: MAC with High Sierra (APFS) presets scrambled.
  • Fixed: Bypass noise in Pro Tools.

Type A is on sale for $39 USD / 39 EUR until January 22nd at AudioThing and Plugin Boutique (regular 59 USD/EUR). The plugin is available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats.