Audiotool has announced an interactive preview of their highly acclaimed software synthesizers as Web-MIDI enabled HTML5 incarnations.

While relying on the Adobe Flash platform for the last years to power its online DAW, Audiotool was working hard behind the scenes to move its entire platform away from Flash to native HTML5. The first fruits of their efforts can now be experienced on their website.

Their two trademark synthesizers, the Heisenberg a modern phase modulation synthesizer and the Pulverisateur a classic polyphonic synthesizer, can be played live with your MIDI keyboard in low latency mode thanks to the support of the new Web-MIDI-API.
The Machiniste, a drum computer aiming sample player, is also online.

While Audiotool states that their complete Studio application with professional grade Timeline and advanced audio routing capabilities will be making it online later this year, these three masterpieces of browser based software synthesizers are already online, so check them out now.

More information: Audiotool