Audjoo Helix beta (August 5, 2007)

Audjoo (Jonas Norberg) has updated Helix beta.

Changes since the July 7 beta

  • Possible fix for a multithreaded issue
  • Proper Mono and Legato Modes. Fixed a bug that caused a click when using the Mono-mode
  • Copy-Phases, if you’re modulating “morph” you definitely want this. Tweaked some of the presets to use the “copy-phases” functionality (Emulated Sync needed this)
  • Shape-Octave-Phase
  • Boost-Fundamental
  • Exponential envelope-shape looking more like an exponential decay
  • Loop points in step sequencer
  • Fixed filter in delay (only filter one feedback loop, and open filter means open filter).
  • Added 3 modes to the delay
  • Now can do Stereo-cross (the original mode), Left Cross, Right Cross, and Stereo
  • Added shapes for Envelope phases (linjear, smooth, early, late)
  • Changed super-panning to be same as an established softsynth (all voices panned “as much as possible”)
  • Fixed Super-voice-Panning and phase bugs
  • Some changes in the GUI and fixed a GUI-redraw issue

The GUI still doesn’t look very inviting, but please give it a try anyway.

Visit Audjoo for more information and a link to download the latest beta.