Audjoo Helix

Audjoo has released a new beta (v2008-01-13b) of Helix, the freeware VST synth for Windows PC.

Changes in 2008-01-13b

  • Fixed bug when closing GUI (tested in Cubase LE, Cubase SX, Reaper, Cantabile Lite, and EnergyXT).
  • Step sequencer can use host-tempo
  • LFO can use host-tempo and sync phase to host
  • LFO have a bunch of useful shapes
  • Visualize start phase(s) of oscillator
  • Global limiter is now stereo separated
  • New filter added (stereo separated limiter)
  • Support rational numbers (x/y) in text entry.
  • GUI speed improvements (some under the hood changes to the GUI).
  • Fixed saving midi-learned cc properly.
  • Fixed automation from GUI.

Visit Audjoo for more information and a link to download the latest beta of Helix.