Autodafe has released some modules for the VCV Rack, a free virtual modular Eurorack system.

Autodafe Drum Kit VCV Rack

The Autodafe Drum Kit features various drum modules: kick, snare, closed and open hihats, claps, cymbals, ride, rim/claves, and an 8-channel mixer.

Each Drum Module contains samples from Roland TR-808, TR-909. CR-78, Korg Minipops, LinnDrum, Alesis HR-16. EMU-Sp-12, Oberheim DMX.

The drum samples are sourced from free web resources.

Also released is the Module Pack, including 11 modules:

  • LFO module with CV Input.
  • Simple but handy 1×8 and 2×8 Multiples.
  • Clock Divider.
  • 8-Steps and 16-Steps Sequencers.
  • 8×16 Trigger Sequencer.
  • Fixed Filter Bank.
  • Foldback distortion.
  • Bitcrusher.
  • Phaser.

The modules are available as a free download for VCV Rack v0.3.2 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

To support the creation of these free modules, a Blank Panel is available for 5 EUR.

More information: Autodafe

Autodafe Module Pack for VCV Rack