Plugin Boutique has announced that it is offering Harrison Consoles’ AVA Mastering EQ as a free download for a limited time.

The equalizer plugin features 31 control bands, high pass and low pass filters with adjustable filter order, level trim, and momentary bypass controls.

The AVA Mastering EQ features a revolutionary filter shape that is explicitly designed for mastering your tracks. Unlike a conventional EQ, when adjacent bands of the AVA Mastering EQ are adjusted, the response is “flat” between the band edges. This preserves the relative harmonic balance of the instruments in your mix while adjusting the overall tonality. The AVA Mastering EQ is optimized for small, wide-bandwidth adjustments.

Controlling the AVA Mastering EQ is easy and intuitive: just click and drag your mouse to draw the EQ shape that you need. Managing a powerful, full-range EQ has never been so fast and easy. The results are quintessentially “Harrison”: effortless, smooth and transparent.

Regularly $89 USD, you can now download the AVA Mastering EQ for free until June 9th, 2022. It comes in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats.

Additionally, other AVA and 32C series plugins are on sale at up to 89% off as part of a Spring Sale.

More information: Harrison Consoles