Avid has announced the release of the new Eleven MK II plugin for Pro Tools, featuring the sounds of the world’s greatest guitar and bass amps.

The new plug-in gives guitar and bass players access to an amazing collection of sought-after sounds based on the popular Eleven AAX Pro Tools plug-in, plus more amp and cabinet choices, making it easier for musicians to get the best of new and classic amp tones.

The newest version of the Eleven plugin gives musicians a greater variety of high quality tones and powerful processing and routing capabilities. Guitar and bass players can plug their guitar directly into Pro Tools, select an amp and cabinet, and practice, play, compose and record great-sounding guitar and bass tracks. Engineers and producers can take existing tracks and give them added depth and grit using emulations of some of the top classic and modern amps available.

New in Eleven MK II

  • 17 additional amps for a total of 33 amps.
  • 8 additional cabinets for a total of 15 cabinets.
  • Bass guitar amps (‘69 Blue Line Bass and DC Bass) and bass cabinet (8×10 Blue Line) combinations now available.
  • New ‘Link’ mode simplifies matching amp to cabinets by linking an amp to the appropriate cabinet.
  • New Eleven Cabinet plug-in – add cabinet emulation to any track.
  • The ability to take amp output and route through the Aux Output Stems feature in Pro Tools to Aux tracks with Eleven Cabinet plug-in for multi-cab workflows.
  • Enhanced Speaker Breakup for more realistic sounding crunch from the cabinet using the Speaker Breakup control.
  • New presets.
  • Presets from Eleven will open up in Eleven MK II (in Pro Tools 12.3 and later versions).

Eleven MK II for Pro Tools is available for purchase for $499 USD. Between now and December 31, 2015, current Eleven plugin customers can upgrade to Eleven MK II for $49 USD (50% off the $99 USD upgrade price).

More information: Avid