B. Serrano releases Circé free filter plugin


B. Serrano has released Circé, an advanced version of the Vesta filter effect plug-in for Windows.

B. Serrano Circé

Circé features

  • 3 layers filtering.
  • Each layer can be LP, HP, BP, Off, Bypass.
  • Each layer got it own curve response that act like “spread / separation” and Lo-Fi setting.
  • Layers audio routing: Parallel, serial or both.
  • 2 LFO host syncable.
  • 1 x 32 step controler.
  • 1 envelope follower.
  • Dedicated LFO for dry / wet signal mix.
  • X/Y pad linked to Cutoff and Resonance.
  • Stereo balance for each layer.
  • Embedded patch management.

Circé is available as a donationware VST plug-in for Windows.

More information: B. Serrano

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Cheese Master

This is not freeware, it’s DONATIONWARE. Vesta is the freeware version!


You’re right, edited the post.