Balance Mastering has released a new impulse response pack featuring London’s Flipside Soundsystem.

Following on from our previous Teufelsberg and Funktion One impulse response packs we’re proud to bring you another soundsystem and, in our opinion, London’s best. On first hearing a Flipside Soundsystem you think, ‘Why can’t all P.A. systems sound like this?’

We’ve heard Flipside setups in cavernous spaces with very little damping, yet they manage to sound focussed and weighty over a wide sweet spot area. Of note in particular, the top end extends upwards in a clear and natural way that you would normally associate with high quality studio speakers. We were fans of the systems before we got in touch with the Flipside crew and were really glad they were into the idea of doing an IR pack.

The free impulse response pack includes 1 mono IR, 1 parallel stereo IR, and 2 files that form a ‘true stereo’ pair of IRs.

More information: Balance Mastering / Flipside Soundsystem IR pack