The latest issue of Beat Magazine offers 111 producer tips for better and more finished tracks.

How much content does a track need? Am I investing too little time? Am I too cerebral in my approach? Why can‘t my sound keep up with Spotify and Beatport? These are questions that everyone has asked themselves at some point. But now there are answers! In this special, Beat Magazine give you concrete advice on what to consider when arranging, how to improve the quality of your tracks, and how to produce release-ready material. Extra-large collection of tips included!

To celebrate the 200th issue of the magazine, Beat is hosting a song contest with over 10,000 EUR in prizes. A total of 20 winners will take away an ASM Hydrasynth Desktop, various Arturia software boxes, Audient EVO 16 audio interface, Apogee Duet 3, Focal Alpha 80 Evo monitors, an Akai MPC Live 2, Novation Circuit Tracks, and more.

Beat 09/22 also includes a large selection of expressive percussion instruments with 23 playable instruments and 25 loop instruments from IK Multimedia’s Orchestral Percussion for the SampleTank 4 CS sample player. Additionally, the included Trap Empire for Zampler and MPC delivers 89 stabs and basses for Trap music like 2 Chainz & Night Lovell.

The English edition of Beat #200 is available for purchase for $6 USD at Plugin Boutique, or at the falkemedia-shop for 4.99 EUR.