BeatPhone for iPhone

I·lusió has released v0.25 of BeatPhone, a beatbox application for the iPhone.

BeatPhone lets you tap beats and manipulate samples on a beatbox-like interface for the iPhone.

BeatPhone v0.25 features

  • 9 one-shot pads
  • 6 loop-pads
  • Samples in “any” format : WAV, AIFF, …
  • Output at 44.1kHz, 16-bits
  • Up to 256 samples polyphony

You can use your own samples to create drum kits. The next version will feature strudder pads (stop previous playback and start again), metronome, BPM detection on “tap”, loop stretching, recording samples and live mixes, a landscape sequencer, and a tactile effect box.

Check I·lusió for more information.