Bela D Media has announced the release of Scoring Noise Pro, a sound library featuring a collection of sixteen 30 second noise floors.

The noises floor are divided into categories based on distinguishing characteristic such as a “cough”, or a “chair squeak”, or any other occurrence made by an audience member or performer.

The original Scoring Noise remains free to subscribers of our newsletter and it will play very nicely along side Scoring Noise Pro – thus giving you even more sound options.

Scoring Noise Pro features

  • High-Resolution Audio 44.1kHz / 24-bit.
  • Sixteen – 30 second noise floors in total.
  • Two – 30 second noise floors per group.
  • Eight groups.
  • Create up to 12 sequences (aka verses) and store/call back via key-switch.
  • Attack and release control per 12 steps.
  • Impulse Response Church Reverb.
  • Stereo Expanded EFX.

Scoring Noise Pro for Kontakt (full version) is available for $9.99 USD. You can use coupon code REKKERDSAVE20 at the checkout to receive 20% discount on a purchase of this or any other full version product at the Bela D Media store.

Subscribers of Bela D Media’s newsletter may download a free, 5-second per noise floor Kontakt demo of Scoring Noise Pro.

More information: Bela D Media