Bela D Media has announced the release of its new vocal sample library VOCI by design for the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt.

As with all Bela D Media products, our niche is sampled voice. This time around, we have done something slightly different. We hope you will find it inspirational. VOCI by design – a combination of careful editing, sound manipulation techniques, and stage noises – coupled with advanced scripting in Kontakt, is a unique and hauntingly ethereal vocal scoring sample library.

Bela D Media utilized the delicate vocal humming of a teenage Soprano soloist (Paravox X) and altered her recordings to resemble a stringed instrument. The result is a breathy, dark, and mournful, string-like vocal. In addition, VOCI by design includes the four choir vowels (V Alto Choir) Ah Ee Oh, and Oo.

VOCI by design features

  • Female soprano vocalist – stringed voice simulation.
  • Female alto choir.
  • Multi and single Kontakt patches.
  • Mapped G3- E5.
  • Far microphone GUI simulation.
  • Studio environment.
  • Church ambient with IRF included.

The library is priced $69.99 USD. Use coupon code BDMREK20 at checkout to get a 20% discount on VOCI by design or any other full Kontakt library.

More information: Bela D Media