Bellatrix Audio has announced its latest soundset Horizon, a collection of 64 presets for the Spire synthesizer instrument by Reveal Sound.

Our collection contains great sounds from the universe to create an authentic space travel atmosphere. We made each sound a separate adventure! You can turn on any of the presets and immediately lean back in the studio chair and enjoy an impromptu game that will captivate you for a long time, each time introducing new creative ideas.

Music with our sounds will come out on its own and very easily. It is enough to breathe into the project this magnificent sound and, overcoming the force of gravity, fly forward to new uncharted horizons.

Sounds can be used in various fields and genres. If you are engaged in film and television, then this collection is simply necessary for you to sound videos and write soundtracks. If you write music in Ambient styles, Chill Out, – this bank will be your desktop tool for a long time.

The collection includes:

  • 6 Synth Instruments.
  • 32 Atmospheric Pads.
  • 6 Basses.
  • 10 Plucked.
  • 10 Arpeggio.

The soundset costs $22 USD. Requires Spire v1.1.15 or higher.

More information: Bellatrix Audio