Bellatrix Audio has announced the release of its Sacramental soundset, a collection of 64 presets for the Spire synthesizer that delivers great atmospheric sounds that aim inspire you with new musical ideas over and over again.

Presets have a characteristic rich sound with smooth movement, which has become our hallmark and is loved by many professional producers. Using Sacramental you won’t spend hours searching and tuning every sound for yourself. As always, almost any preset will initially fit beautifully into your mix.

If you decide to experiment, we recommend that you try mixing different sounds with each other, doing a little equalization. Thus, you can create an infinite number of variations on the way to getting rich and interesting sounds. Use Sacramental with great pleasure and create unique compositions easily and naturally!

The sound pack includes:

  • 20 Synth Instruments.
  • 12 Basses.
  • 32 Atmospheric Pads.

The pack costs $22 USD. Requires Spire v1.1.15 or higher.

More information: Bellatrix Audio