Benedict Roff-Marsh SampleoTron

Benedict Roff-Marsh has released SampleoTron, a VST plugin designed to bring some of the feel of the much loved Mellotron and Moog into the world of sample based synthesis.


  • Sample Oscillators
  • Drift A & B to add depth
  • 12/24db Lo/Hi/Band Pass & Reject Filter
  • Assignable LFO
  • Boost/Cut EQ

SampleoTron is part of SynthStudio Pack I, a collection of Instruments, effects & utilities designed to be the kind of musician’s instruments that you would have found in a studio in the 70’s or 80’s.

The SynthStudio Pack I costs $7.50 AUD (about $6.50 USD/4.60 Euro) , and currently includes 11 plugins.

Visit Benedict Roff-Marsh‘s website for more information and audio demos.