Benedict Roff-Marsh Virgo 12

Benedict Roff-Marsh has released SynthStudio Pack III – Virgo Constellation, the 3rd installment in the successful SynthStudio Pack range of VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

SSP III focuses on greater attention to detail in the sound creation process with synths that exude quality and finesse in their sounds. For those of you who have followed the SSP marque these are the classiest instruments and effects yet.

SynthStudio Pack III Features

  • Virgo 12: 3-Osc SF2 synth with a special pre-Filter Wave Driver, Chorus & Delay and a 16-Step Sequencer. Virgo 12 comes with SoundFonts and sounds by Pro-Sounds.
  • Tallis: 2-Osc SF2 synth with 2 SF2 LFOs, a configurable Dual Multi-Mode Filter, 3 Envelopes, 8-Step Seq and Matrix.
  • Constellation V: String machine machine with 2 very versatile oscillators and an unusual Filter.
  • WaveScore: 4 WAV player synths in parallel with 5 LFOs and delay for each synth makes WaveScore perfect for thick sounds and effects.
  • Virgo 4: 4-voice Chorus unit for really fat and wide sounds.
  • SD-82: Special Driver unit which can vary from subtle warmth for strings and pads to ghastly digital noise as well as Filter effects.

SynthStudio Pack III – Virgo Constellation is available for $10 AUD.

Visit Benedict Roff-Marsh for more information and demo mp3s.