Best Service has announced the release of the Emotional Viola, a Kontakt instrument library that aims to deliver the most expressive and detailed virtual viola available.

Emotional Viola is the third member of the Emotional Strings series by Harmonic Subtones. This long anticipated and logical addition to the Cello and Violin represents a very comprehensive virtual instrument that is easy to play, and of course offers numerous possibilities for individual customization.

Not only does the Emotional Viola perfectly harmonize with the Cello and the Violin, it is also highly valued as solo instrument with its direct and unadulterated sound, its variety of essential to extraordinary articulations as well as true legato and rebowing.

Running in the free Kontakt Player 6.2.2 or higher, Emotional Viola is available for purchase for 199 USD/EUR or £175 GBP. Owners of Emotional Cello or Emotional Violin are eligible for a crossgrade price of 159 USD/EUR or £139 GBP.

The Emotional Cello instrument library has been updated to version 1.5.

Best Service Emotional Cello 1.5

Many years ago we started a fascinating journey with Emotional Cello. This highly acclaimed instrument was a milestone among virtual solo strings. However, Harmonic Subtones soon realized that new ways were needed to reproduce the expressiveness of these string instruments even more precisely.

It was therefore only logical to take the Cello to the same technical level as the Violin and Viola. Besides the user interface the Cello was upgraded with Polyphonic Legato, additional Articulations and Timbre Impulses. A highlight are the new Ornament Keyswitches. Unlike articulation keyswitches, these are temporary and allow variations of the already selected articulation.

Emotional Cello is available now at a reduced price of 199 USD/EUR or £175 GBP. Users with a registered version of Emotional Cello v1 will automatically receive a free update to the current version in their Best Service User Account.

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