Best Service has announced the release of Titan 2, a virtual instrument library that emulates no less than 266 synthesizers.

TITAN 2 outshines its predecessor by doubling its sound-library, adding countless new presets, a fully redesigned user-interface as well as sound shaping potential exceeding even the originals!

The content covers the full spectrum of this instrument’s glorious history. Here, you will find everything of distinction, ranging from the 70’s until today, covering every kind of sound synthesis. This plug-in includes the latest virtual instruments, analogue classics, legendary modular systems, prominent digital synthesizers, powerful workstation as well as unheard rarities.

The sonic spectrum of 45 years synthesizer-history makes TITAN 2 an instrument that is unmatched and unique in diversity.

The developers have taken the challenge to preserve the incomparable character of the original instruments. At the time, TITAN 2 is dedicated towards its potential to create individual and entirely new soundscapes.

New in Titan 2

  • Faster loading times of no more than one second.
  • Increased CPU efficiency.
  • Fully redesigned user-interface.
  • Controllable random-function for sound shaping.
  • Attacker-tool for fast altering of any sound’s attack phase.
  • Additional multimode-filter.
  • 1,800 up-to-date drum- and FX-sounds.
  • 1,500 rhythmical sequences.
  • Integrated convolution reverb with 1,000 high-end impulse responses and FX-section.
  • Unlimited multimode.

Titan 2 is available for purchase for 199 EUR / $199 USD / £149 GBP. The upgrade from Titan is 99 EUR / $99 USD / £75 GBP.

More information: Best Service / Titan 2