Best Service has released version 1.1 of Ancient ERA Persia, Eduardo Tarilonte’s collection of sounds from forgotten places of the Middle East.

To give you full control over the complex rhythmic structure of Persian grooves Eduardo has created 800 MIDI files perfectly integrated with the specific percussion instruments. You can jam along with the MIDI grooves at any speed and your creativity won’t be limited by time stretching algorithms.

If your library does not have MIDI Loops in your instrument list you still have version 1.0 and it is recommended to update to this version 1.1 with additional content.

Also released is the Engine Artists Library, a collection of 16 full working demo libraries for the Best Service 2 Engine. The pack offers a wide range of sounds from acoustic and electronic drums, unique virtual synthesis, to precious, ethnic sounds of the past.

Best Service Engine Artists

After polishing this thing for months, we are now confident it is time for the first release of our free demo library package.

We decided to call it “Engine Artists Library” because that’s what it is. A collection of instruments from most of our Engine libraries. Some are limited, most are not and they cover a wide musical range.

The Engine Artists Library is a free download.

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